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Power Generation Components
Power generation components, such as steam turbine parts and gas turbine parts, are a key business area for Labb Machine. power_generation Outage service is a strong line of work too – if you need quick turnaround on a part to restore service, Labb can produce your component quickly. Specialty fasteners are our specialty, particularly for a steam turbine or gas turbine.

With over thirty years of experience with all varieties of power generation components, Labb Machine understands the power generation industry’s unique demands for quality, responsiveness, and cost containment. Our people and equipment are fine-tuned for these special needs. We work with most materials used in steam turbines, gas turbines, and generators.

When you need quality parts for power generation, whether it is steam turbine, gas turbine, generator, or outage service, call Labb Machine! power_generation

Power Generation Components - Examples

  • Fasteners - Steam turbine and gas turbine fasteners, including extension nuts, socket nuts, bolts, studs, and washers.
  • Steam chest components - For steam chests, Labb makes valve stems and seats, bushings, shafts, spring seats, housings, etc.
  • Gas turbine parts - For gas turbines, Labb makes torque plates, eccentric pins, locking plates, etc.

Power Generation Components - Prototype to Production
Labb Machine continues to grow in the use of state-of-the-art CNC machines for production runs and repeat power generation parts. Labb also maintains as strong manual machining base for the flexibility to build prototypes. This also allows Labb to respond quickly for outage service and expedited pieces.