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Welcome to Labb Machine
William J. Labb Sons Inc. - Labb Machine
Labb Machine is a leading supplier of machined parts. From Prototype to Production, Labb Machine produces high quality machined parts in small or large quantities to meet your needs at any step along the way.

Power generation is a key business area. Labb Machine also does a variety of machining processes, including water jet, abrasive jet, CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC robotic, Swiss turning, manual machining, and fabrication.

But our business reaches many other industries with our varied skills and excellent service. Here is a summary of what we can do to satisfy your machining needs:

Power Generation Components
With over thirty years of experience with all varieties of power generation components, Labb Machine understands the power generation.

  • Power generation components
      - Steam turbine parts
      - Gas turbine parts
  • Industrial Centrifuge

Water Jet / Abrasive Jet
Just supply a .DXF file or CAD drawing and Labb Machine will turn out your components!

Machining Processes
Labb Machines has many capabilities in a variety of different machining disciplines, including:

  • CNC machining
      - CNC turning
      - CNC milling
      - Robotic- 7-axis turning and milling
      - CNC waterjet
      - Swiss turning
  • Manual machining for critical prototype work and low-volume production.
      - Specializing in turning and milling
  • Waterjet (water jet) and Abrasivejet (Abrasive jet) - link to waterjet page
  • Fabrication

Service is the main reason that our customers continue to use Labb Machines to produce critical parts for many different uses in many different industries, such as power generation. Our specialties are:

  • Prototyping
  • Outage Service - expedited with fast turnaround

Contract Manufacturing
Utilize Labb Machines for all contract manufacturing needs, including

  1. High volume
  2. Low volume
  3. Prototype
  4. Production runs
  5. Kitting

Specialty Fasteners
Labb Machines makes extension nuts (also known as castle nuts) and lock nuts in many materials such as super alloys and high temperature alloys.